Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hire an experienced Short Sale Realtor. It can make all the difference.

Not all Realtors are created equal. There are very few Realtors that have fully embraced short sales and for good reason. To properly handle Real Estate short sales you must have a broad knowledge of financial and legal aspects of foreclosure, bankruptcy, IRS regulations, the inner workings of banks and a deep understanding of the way mortgages are created, packaged, syndicated, resold.

Even traditionally successful Real Estate agents have been slow to change. Few truly understand the short sale process and most will try to avoid short sales if they can.

There are many variables that can affect the outcome and consequences of a short sale. If you get it right you can often walk away owing nothing and be on your way to repairing your life and credit. Get it wrong and you could be exposed to further legal action and may have be liable to pay the entire short fall.

There is a lot at stake so be sure to hire the best. In most cases the bank pays all real estate commission. It is not worth the risk to hire a friend or a referral if they don't know what they are doing. Make sure any agent you are considering has a proven track record with Short Sales.

Several years ago some of my clients starting coming up short when they tried to sell there home. Prices had dropped enough that there was no equity left. In the early stages banks were very reluctant to considering doing a short sale. The process was far from uniform and it took very long. The first few short sales took over a year. Since then housing prices have dropped further and banks have experienced a high volume of short sale requests. There has been economic and political pressure for the banks to do more. Now most banks have created some sort of standard process and they have hired more staff.

Over these past few years there have been dramatic changes to the laws and policies concerning short sales and foreclosure. I have dedicated myself to keeping pace with the change. I try to read and follow all the the new programs. Everything from the nationwide foreclosure moratorium that was put in place last fall to mandatory foreclosure mediation imposed by Connecticut court to the government sponsored HAMP & HAFA programs. I have now successfully completed short sales with every major bank and tens of smaller local and regional banks.

If you are having trouble paying your mortgage and you want to learn your options check out my websites or contact me for a free consultation.

You can also read what other satisfied customers have written on my testimonial page.

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